Aquascape Pond Pumps Review

Aquascape Pond Pumps Review

Aquascape pond pumps must have come up often while looking for the best pond pump for your pet fish. Like any other pets, you need to provide a fresh and healthy environment for your fishes as well. 

It may not seem like it, but having a pond pump is very important to maintain a healthy environment inside and around the pond. People who understand this know the importance of having a water pump for their ponds. Aquascape ponds pumps are surely on their list of considerations, even if they are on a budget.

Importance of Having a Pond Pump

Then there are people who don’t really understand the fuss about having a pond pump. If you are one of those people then here is a quick and brief list of reasons that a pond pump is important.

Water Circulation

It is important to keep the water of the pond circulating. In fact, it is recommended that the water of the pond is circulated once every two hours. This keeps the water from getting unhealthy and dirty.


Like any other living organism, fishes also need oxygen to breathe and survive. Therefore, it is important to keep the water from getting oxygen deficient. When the water stays still for a very long time, the oxygen starts getting depleted and it can make the environment unlivable for the aquatic organisms living in your pond.

A water pump keeps the water moving and makes sure that it is oxygenated from time to time. As the water moves, it starts absorbing oxygen over the surface and gets mixed inside due to water circulation.

Preventing Algae Growth

Stagnant water is the perfect place for algae to grow and spread. Certainly, you don’t want your pond to be algae infested and make it hard not only for the creatures living in your pond to survive but also for you to be able to sit around it. 

Circulating water prevents the nutrient build-up in the water that keeps the algae from growing and spreading.

Preventing Nitrogen Build-up

Like all other organisms, fishes and other aquatic beings also have a nitrogen cycle. As the cycle completes, the nitrogen is released into the water and it needs to be disposed of. 

In the absence of a pond pump, these nitrates start piling up and making the pond water toxic and unsuited to support life. 

Dirt Filtration 

A pond pump plays a very important role in filtering the dirt and keeping the pond water clean and breathable. Without a filter pond water tends to get very dirty and all kinds of waste piles up inside and on the surface of it. 

This also leads the water to get stinky and hard to breathe around. This not only makes it hard for the creatures living inside but also people around living it. 

These are just a few of the many things that the water pump takes care of. Other than this it is also used for beautification, aeration purposes, etc.

Aquascape Pond Pumps: A Basic Overview

Aquascape pond pumps come in different ranges and sizes. No matter what your requirement is, you are sure to find a suitable water pump among these. They do, however, have two distinctive series 

  • The Tsurumi pump
  • The Aquasurge 

Each model is different and has its own pros and cons for which you will find detailed reviews of some of the popular models individually. Before that, here is a basic overview of the models manufactured by Aquascape.

The Tsurumi Pumps

The Tsurumi Pumps

What is the Best Feature?

Since all the Tsurumi models are manufactured based on the same design, they have pretty similar features. Among those features, the best feature that all of these models have is that they are 95% clog-free. So you don’t have to worry about replacing it or unclogging it every now and then.

What is There to Like?

These pumps are not just any pumps, these pumps pump with force like that of a horse. You will feel the pumping power that you have paid for if not more. You may want to be careful with these as they tend to suck up larger particles, even toads at times (you better be careful if yours is a pet) and still manage to work as nothing happened.

Perhaps it is only apt now to say that these pumps are built to provide heavy-duty pumping without showing the slightest sign of strain. They offer a lot of varieties so you can avail of this water pumping giant according to your needs and that of your ponds.

They are available in different heights, sizes, and lengths.

These aquascape pond pumps are the ideal options for someone who wants to work smarter and not harder.

Is there a Problem?

All machines have their pros and cons, as already mentioned. While this pump is unmatchable in its pumping force it also has a downside.

Because the pumping force is so great, it is also able to suck in some rocks. These rocks get inside and cause damage to the impellers of the pump.

Other than this one problem, there is nothing wrong with the pump whatsoever.[/vc_message][vc_column_text]

What Changes Can be Made?

Based on the problem there are two ways it can be fixed. Choosing either of the two methods will make this pump unbeatable.

  1. Make the impeller better and stronger so that it can cope with the suction power of this pond pump and be prepared to handle whatever comes with it.
  2. Improving the screening of the larger objects so that things like rocks (or toads!) can get in and cause damage to the impeller.

Either one of these solutions will take care of the problem and make the pump more equipped to the high suction power.

Aquasurge Pumps


Whether you are considering the aqua surge 3000 pond pump or the aqua surge 3000 manual, the basic design of the pump remains the same. And thus the following can be deduced based on the common features of these pumps.

What is the Best Feature They Have?

Whether it is a vacuum or a pond pump, every machine is made to ring ease. This series of aquascape pond pumps is ease personified. It comes with a remote control that helps you keep the flow in control as the flow rate is also adjustable.

What is There to Like?

As already mentioned, these pumps are the personification of ease. With just these features, they bring in a lot more benefits.

It has an adjustable flow rate that helps the pond pump adapt to your pond size and requirement. You can also adjust it according to your mood at the time. When you are not around you can keep it on the low and bring the rate up when you want to be entertained.

You don’t necessarily have to be closer to these pumps to make that happen, you can also do it while sitting far away. How? By using a remote control that gives you the advantage of changing the flow rate without leaving your place.

Moreover, these two features bring other benefits as well. For example 

  • You don’t have to get up and walk around every time you want to change the flow rate so it saves your physical energy and time 
  • You don’t always have to keep the pump running on a high flow rate setting so you can save water as well as energy.

Are There Any Problems?

Every machine comes with its own ease and its own challenges. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a bad machine or the problem can’t be fixed.

As far as the aqua surge models are considered, the only problem is that they are prone to collecting scale build-up. This can lead to clogging and seizing of the motor. 

It can be fixed using an auto-dosing system.

What Changes Can be Made?

Aquasurge works almost flawlessly. The only drawback is that they tend to get clogged easily which can be frustrating at times. To avoid this there can be a debris net or any other kind of filtration system that keeps the pump from getting clogged.

What are the Best Aquascape pond pumps available?

So far it has been the basic talk, now let’s dive into the real stuff. You are now well aware of the basic plus points and the drawbacks of the aquascape pond pumps, but how are the individual models differ from one another? How can you possibly decide the exact pond pump that will be most suitable for your specific pond? Every pond is unique and has its own individual needs after all.

If you own a pond with skimmers or waterfall, this pump is much needed for filtering and enabling the efficient flow of water in ponds and keeping your budget low with its low maintenance cost

AquaSurge® 3000 Pump

If you own a pond with skimmers or waterfall, this pump is much needed for filtering and enabling the efficient flow of water in ponds and keeping your budget low with its low maintenance cost.

AquaSurge® 3000 Pump


The AquaSurge® 3000 Pump is easy to install and comes in an efficient size with Asynchronous motor technology that gives the pump more power in comparison to other types of pumps making it more economical as it consumes less energy. The ceramic shaft of the pump prevents it from overheating, making possible the better functioning of pumps. The rubber feet are for the prevention of sound and vibration. It is designed for continuous use and can pump up to 3000 gallons per hour.  Its oil-free design prevents the pond from being polluted. It will not corrode or rust thus it is a more reliable pump as it will save your maintenance cost. It is designed to work both ways vertically or horizontally. All these features make it better than the traditional magnetic pumps present out there.


  • Doesn’t overheat
  • Less noise
  • Continuous working
  • Economical as it saves maintenance cost



  • Slow working of the pump when clogged

Aquascape AquaForce 1000 91011

Aquascape AquaForce 1000 91011

Aquascape comes up with this unique design of pump for the skimmers and waterfall ponds that is easy to place in pond and handling solids.


This pump has the second generation of asynchronous motor technology that makes it more powerful and energy-efficient with good performance. It has a large pump cage that does not allow the pump to be clogged by the solids. Its flat design allows the users to easily place in the pond. The protective and oil-free design of the cage keeps the pump saved from solids entering in pump and clogging it. The pump cage clips make the cleaning of the pump easy, preventing it from being clogged. It has a rotational ball output that makes the amount of water discharge adjustable according to the size of ponds of the user. The ball is also beneficial in controlling the position of water discharge which makes this pump suitable for all shapes of the pond. Plumbing adapter fittings also come with the product.


  • Energy and cost-efficient
  • Could be placed in the pond
  • Adjusting the rotational ball
  • Large pump cage
  • Clog-free


  • Requires care in cleaning the pump 
  • Overheat if not cleaned

Aquascape Ultra 1100 Water Pump

Aquascape Ultra 1100 Water Pump

If you need a pump for the small-sized ponds, external filters or decorative fountains in your backyard, this is probably the pump you are looking for.


This product is designed for the decorative fountains, external filters, small-sized ponds, and other water features. It has an all in one kit with a three-way diverter valve making it versatile so that it can adapt to any tubing size. Its magnetic drive technology makes it energy and cost-efficient as well as easily maintainable. It doesn’t require a lot of labor and is light on your budget due to its low maintenance cost. It has a protective input strain cover with a sponge inside to protect it from being clogged and from large debris to enter into it thus it reduces maintenance cost. Its flat and wide shape makes it easy to be placed inside the pond that makes a low execution sound. It has rubber feet that keep the vibration and sound low in the pond. With its oil-free design, there is no fear of pond contamination.


  • 3-way diverter
  • Protective input strain cover
  • Less execution sound
  • Energy and cost-efficient


  • The sponge may reduce the speed of the pump when clogged
  • Suitable for small ponds only

Aquascape Tsurumi 3PL

Aquascape Tsurumi 3PL

If you are looking for a pump that would keep your pool saved from debris being sunk to the bottom of the pond, this is what you should buy.


This pump is built for pondless waterfalls and skimmer filters. It can pump water up to 3000 gallons per hour. The discharge diameter of the pimp is 2 inches that are efficient for large-size applications. Because of being constructed with stainless steel and composite resin, it keeps the body of the pump saved from corrosion. It can work all day long with its continuous duty motor at a lower temperature so it is more durable, long-lasting and energy-efficient. This pump is designed in a horizontal structure that makes it easy to be placed. The water intake is shielded so that air does not enter the pump and it does not disturb the flow of water. It has built-in thermal overload protection that protects the pump from being overloaded which keeps the users saved from the maintenance cost.


  • The stainless body protects from rusting
  • Shielded water intake from air
  • Built-in thermal overload protection


  •  Maintenance is laboring as it is required every month

Aquascape 30391 Tsurumi 12PN Submersible Pump

Aquascape 30391 Tsurumi 12PN Submersible Pump

An ideal and much-recommended pump for the skimmers filters and pondless waterfall applications


For the skimmer filters and pondless waterfalls, this product is very beneficial. It can pump up to 10,000 gallons of water per hour so it is useful for big-sized ponds. It has a 3-inch threaded discharge diameter simple installation. It is designed in a vertical shape so it is suitable for taking less space on the ground. It is an energy-efficient pump due to its continuous- duty motor that extends the life of the pump as it operates at a lower temperature. The semi vortex impeller designs keep the debris and solids from getting into the pump in an effective and efficient way that keeps the maintenance trouble less. It comes up with a built-in thermal overload protector so if there is less water, it will still work without trouble and will not be damaged.


  • Built-in thermal overload protector.
  • For large scale as well as small scale applications.
  • Continuous duty, efficient motor.


  • The impeller may get damaged.

What Else to Keep in Mind When Choosing Aquascape Pond Pumps?

Knowing the pros and cons of a pond pump truly helps you understand the pump well. However, it is not enough to decide if it is suitable for your pond or not.

A certain pump will have the pros that will outweigh the cons for you, but how do you make that decision? How can you decide whether you can afford to get this particular water pump or not?

Don’t panic, because you will not leave here without a complete guide to buying the perfect pond pumps. Here are the factors that help you decide whether the pump under consideration is suitable or not.

What Type of Pond Pump are You Looking For?

There are two basic types of pond pumps from which you can decide based on your needs and requirements.As the name suggests, these pond pumps are meant to be submerged deep into the bottom of the pond. Needless to say that they are waterproof and work very well even when drowned in water.

These are the best for ponds that are small or medium in size. They have a quiet operation so you won’t be bothered by much noise.

You also don’t have to be worried about the view as they are not only compact in size but since they are submerged in the water they are not in hindsight. So the beauty of the scene remains undisturbed.

Make sure that you don’t place these directly on to the floor as they may suck in dirt and get clogged.These are rather larger ponds, made exclusively for larger ponds that require greater gallon per hour circulation.

These pond pumps are meant to be placed on a dry patch closer to the pond. These are usually bigger in size and much more visible so you need to make extra effort to hide them.

They are pretty easy to look after and maintain. Their motor makes some noise which may cause a disturbance, especially at night.

Flow rate

It is recommended that the water of your pond be circulated at least once every two hours. So the least flow rate you need is half the size of your pond. 

For instance, if you have a pond of 4000 gallons in size, then the least gph you need for a pond pump is 2000.

Power Consumption 

This also factors in the kind of pond pump you need. The ideal pond pump will be the most power-efficient one with the highest gph.

Before We Send You Off… 

Let’s quickly bring this to an end by giving you one last piece of knowledge so this can be your one-stop guide – how to install pond pumps. It is quite easy.

Place the pond pump on a smooth surface. Make sure its above ground for submersible pond and dry for external ponds.

Make sure that the energy source is close to the pond. If not then ask an electrician for help,

Connect the pond to the pond filter and switch it on. Supervise the water moving from the pond through the pond pump.

Leave it working for a day and watch out for any noises or technical failure.

If there isn’t any, you are good to go!

To Sum It All Up…

Pond pumps are extremely essential for a pond to have. Aquascape pond pumps are the safest choice whatever your constraints might be. 

You have the pumps that have powerful suction and pumps that give you remote control. Other than that you can decide the pump you want based on what it has to offer and other criteria that decide the need of your pond.

Finally, once you decide, you are well-equipped to install the pond pump without any further help. So go out there and get your ideal aquascape pond pump.