little giant pond pumps

little giant pond pumps

Little Giant Pump Reviews – Read Reviews on All Products

Even if you just consider the little giant pond pumps, there are so many options that it is easy for anyone to get overwhelmed and confused. Especially if you are unaware of the features of the pond and the requirements of your pond. 

The little giant pond pumps usually have pond pumps that cater to whatever specific needs you have for your pond pump. The trick is to know exactly which pond fits your criteria perfectly. Getting a pond that is not suitable for your pond that creates a mess and pretty soon you will end up searching for little giant submersible fountain pump problems solution. 

To avoid such a scenario, the following things are important:

  1. Decide the right criteria for your pond pump.
  2. Know the pond pump thoroughly before you buy it.
  3. Few other tips to keep in mind.

Let’s get started with the first step so you can decide the kind of pond pump you need and move on to the reviews of the little giant pond pumps.

Choose the Right Pond Pump 

If you don’t even know the kind of pond pump that you need, then chances are you will regret the choice that you make. Surely you understand that investing in the right pond pump is important or else you won’t be here. But since you are let’s get into it so you can truly benefit from reading the reviews of these pond pumps.

Understanding a Pond Pump

To know which pump will fit you best you need to understand how a pump operates. 

Keeping it basic, a pond pump has an impeller that is responsible for drawing the water from one side and then impelling it out from the other side. This causes circulation in the water and helps in the absorption of oxygen.

The difference in each pond pump is based on the capacity of the motor which is measured in gallons per hour. The gph is how you measure whether a certain pump is fit for your pond or not.

Budget and Features 

Whichever one of the little giant pond pumps you decide on, you want it to have the best features. However, you also have to consider your wallet’s opinion.

When talking about financial aspects there are more things involved than just the purchase cost. It includes other aspects such as power usage, etc. So you need to consider the features and see how much your budget allows you.

Usually, pumps need to be run consistently without a break. This can incur power usage and maintenance costs as the pumps can get overheated and break down. 

This asks that you make sure that the pumps are energy-saving and operated on low modes without compromising on the quality of performance.

The Size of the Pond and the Water Features

The kind of pond that you want rests heavily on the size of your pond and the water feature that you are looking for. This actually decides the flow rate that you are looking for which in turn dictates the price of the pond pumps.

To put it simply, you need a pond pump that can circulate water at least once every two hours. Meaning the gph of the pump that you need has to be at least half the size of the pond. 

Type of Pond 

Last but not the least, the type of pond pump that you need also plays a crucial role. There are two basic types of pond pumps from which you can decide according to your needs.

Submersible Pond Pumps 

These pond pumps are placed deep inside the [pon din a pond vault or a block and operate from there.

You need this if:

  • You don’t want the water pump to be obvious in the scene 
  • You have a small to medium pond 
  • You like noise-free execution 

And ready to tolerate:

  • Harder maintenance

External Pond Pumps 

These pond pumps are placed on a dry patch of land closer to the pool and a power outlet.

You need this if:

  • You have a large pond
  • You like easy maintenance 
  • You don’t mind visibility of the pond pump

And ready to tolerate:

  • Noisy operation 

A General Overview of the Little Giant Water Pumps 

Before the particular reviews of the pond pumps that you can get on the market like the little giant pond pumps WGP-95 PW or the little giant statuary fountain pumps, let’s first look at the overall range of the pond pumps that are offered by the little giant.




These pumps have multi-purpose flexibility built into their canned motors. You can use them as you like, they can be external pumps or be submerged into the pond, they can be used horizontally, or if you prefer vertical usage that can be managed too.

Attaching fitting onto this pump is not an issue as there are threads built-in. The pre-filters in these pumps make them even more durable and suitable for any kind of application.

Other features include:

  • They are constructed without any oil or seal used.
  • The screen is held in place with the help of screw attachments
  • For deep installations, there is a cable loop.
  • It has a modular screen ability


These pumps touch all the important points required by a pond and a pond owner. These pumps are built in the most power-efficient ways. They are known for their continuous execution and constant working without breaking down and heating up.

With a gph range of about 1.000 gallons per hour to  8,100 gallons per hour, these pumps have the most powerful water features and filtration systems.

Other features include:

  • It comes with fitting adapters 
  • It is highly energy-saving and power-efficient 
  • It can be used both externally or submerged into the water




These pumps are exclusively known for working continuously while consuming minimum energy. These are ideal if you need to run the pump all the time as it is recommended to keep the pond water healthy and fresh.

It can be used as both an external and submerged pump, it has a special corrosion-resistive feature for underwater usage.

These pumps are extremely easy to install and have a wide range of applications.

Other features include:

  • It has an adjustable flow rate built into the pump
  • It has a ceramic shaft that lasts longer
  • It is very suitable for tabletop features




The direct-drive pumps have a much more powerful torque than other water pumps. It also works with much more considerable pressure. These are designed to take on duty continuously without stopping.

With a pre-filter already built into it, it is suitable for a wide range of applications like streams, filtration, and waterfall.

Other Features include:

  • It comes with a hooded volute choice for decreased intake for fountains
  • It has an easy and compact design

Stainless Steel & Bronze

These are premium pond pumps by little giant and are known to be favorites in the industry. These pumps stand their ground whether you place them in brominated water, freshwater, chlorinated water, or saltwater.

They can take temperature up to 110 F. It has a wide range of applications including water display, fountains, aeration, etc.

 Other Features include:

  • It can be used both externally and submerged into the water
  • It has a soundless operating motor 
  • It has a mounting stand included.


There is no such thing as little giant pump oil in these water pumps. They not only have a direct drive but are also extremely efficient in working. Moreover, it has a dual-discharge that has great pressure and enables the pump to provide two water features side by side. 

It can be installed however way you want to be it horizontally or vertically, either way, can be arranged. 

It is not potable and built to provide continuous duty and has a corrosion-free body to be submerged in the water.

Other features include:

  • It can accommodate vertical and horizontal use.
  • pre-filter can be removed easily for cleaning 
  • Best suited for waterfalls, filtration, and streams.


This pond pump is best-known for its ability to last long and durability that it provides. Its durability stems in the body that is constructed with cast iron, thermoplastic and stainless steel.

It has an amazing water feature coupled with the solid-handling feature. It now also meets the decorative needs that the owner might have.

Other features include:

  • It has water features designed into it.
  • The larger models have a double seal for protection purposes
  • Best to be used as new or replacement



These are basically the little giant statuary fountain pumps designed to handle continuous working time. They give unbelievable performance when they are submerged in the water and are made with highly durable material.

Other features include:

  • It has little giant pump oil to keep it cool
  • It has a pre-screen for protecting the pump
  • It has multiple feature options




Best suited for use indoors, these pumps are best known for their energy-saving features. They are very easy to take care of and maintain since they are out of the water and on dry land. They have a really long life even when they provide continuous operation.

Other features include:

  • It has a great energy-saving feature
  • It is easy to maintain
  • It has multiple options

All Little Giant Pond Pumps Reviews 

Now that all the important things are out of the way we can finally get into reviewing the products individually and see which ones suit you best based on their features plus points and negative points.

Little Giant Direct Drive 4280 GPH

Little Giant Direct Drive 4280 GPH

Are you looking for a pond pump that can provide a powerful flow rate for your large pond? If that is something you are looking for then this pond pump is just the one for you. It not only filters water efficiently but also has a capacity of 4280 GPH and a head height of about 30 feet high.


This little giant pond pump WGP-95 PW has an official maximum capacity of 4280 gallons per hour and unofficially it can go up to 4300 gallons per hour.

It has a dual-discharge option that can power two water features at a time. This means that you can have a waterfall and a water stream simultaneously.  Moreover, you get an initial torque that provides you with water pumping of a professional level.

It comes with a discharge cap, two elbow adapter and a 3-year warranty. 

It is flexible in use. It accommodates you if you want horizontal usage, it can also provide you with vertical usage, it can be used as both submersible and external pond pumps.


  • It pumps 4280 GPH
  • It has two discharge points enabling it to support two water features 
  • It can be used both horizontally and vertically.
  • You can decide whether you want to submerge it in water or not.


  • It is slightly larger in size than other pumps that provide this range of gph

Little Giant Direct Drive 566611

Little Giant Direct Drive 566611

Are you looking for a pump that fits perfectly into the image of your pond? Something that is powerful yet compact, submersible yet resistant to corrosion? If that is something that fits your criteria comfortably, then you are at the right place because of this little giant pond pump is just the one for you.


It has a capacity of over 300 gph. But when submerged in water it can pump up to 475 gph.

It has a superior water flow and a powerful pumping force. Moreover, it has a strong initial torque that elevates the level of the pump’s performance to that of a professional level.

It has a head height of 13 feet and a cord that is 15 feet long. It is highly ideal for streams, filtration, and waterfall.

It comes with a 3-year warranty. It can be used as an external pond pump as well as submersible, depending on your needs. It can be used with biological filters, circulating ponds, fountain nozzles.


  • It has a powerful performance 
  • It has a good initial torque 
  • It has an easy and compact size 
  • It can be used as both external and submersible pond pump
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty


  • Not ideal for continuous use

Little Giant 566729 F-series

Little Giant 566729 F-series

Do you require a pond pump that shows flexibility according to your need at the time? Do you need a pump that can accommodate you however you like to use it? Does your ideal pump provide you with an adaptable service and yet a powerful water pumping feature? 

If any of this describes your ideal water pump then you are at the right place because you will find that this pump is made to provide you with ultimate flexibility and ease.


It comes with various water capacities. It ranges from 1200 gph to about 7300 gph.

It has a powerful motor that operates quietly without causing any disturbance.

It is highly flexible in providing ease, it can be used however you want. You can use it horizontally if you want and it can also accommodate vertical usage. Whether you want to submerge it into the water or use it as an external pond is completely up to you. 

They are free of any kind of seal and oil which makes them non-toxic. They also come with pre-filters and MNP threads that make attaching fittings easy as a breeze.

They also have a modular screen.


  • Can be used vertically and horizontally 
  • Powerful performance 
  • Flexible in usage 
  • Can be used externally or submerged in water 
  • Have a modular screen 
  • It has a quiet operation


  • The cord is not as long as desired

Little Giant Magnetic Drive Pump

Little Giant Magnetic Drive Pump

Surely like anyone else you need a pump that can provide heavy-duty to your ponds. But that incurs a lot of power-consuming costs that it doesn’t seem worth it. What then? You keep switching your pump off and the pond suffers. 

Wouldn’t it be ideal to get a pump that is not only energy-saving but also provides a duty on a continuous basis? If that is what your ideal pump sounds like then this magnetic pond pump by little giants is just the one for you.


It has a water pumping capacity of about 380 gallons per hour to 1150 gallons per hour. These are built to provide continuous performance while using minimum energy. This feature makes it ideal because a pump needs to keep running in order for the pond to remain healthy and running. 

It is an ideal choice whether you want an external pump or needs one that can be submerged into the water because it can provide both facilities.

When used as submersible pumps, they have a body that is resistant to corrosion. They have a wide range of applications and are very easy to install. They also come with an adjustable water feature built into it. It also has a ceramic shaft that makes it last longer.


  • It has an adjustable flow rate
  • It has a long-lasting ceramic shaft.
  • It can be used as external pond pumps as well as external pond pumps.
  • It provides continuous pumping


  • Not a powerful flow rate

Little Giant Pump Stainless Steel

Little Giant Pump Stainless Steel

Are you curious about this pond pump? Surely if you have done your research you would know that these are one of the favorites in the industry. It is only natural for you to be interested in the reason why this pump is so famous among pond users.

If you need a pump that can truly give a hard and heavy-duty against adverse circumstances, then there is no better pump for you in the market.

The stainless steel pond pump is a premium pond by little giant and it surely earns its place in the industry.


This stainless steel has a capacity of about 1200 gallons per hour.

It is known to be premium and is such a favorite in the industry because they provide unwaveringly powerful performance despite the type of water it is placed in. It does the best duty whether under brominated water, salt water, chlorinated water or freshwater. Needless to say that it has a body that is built to prevent corrosion and provide protection.

Not only this but is performance remains unchanged even up to the temperature of 110F. 

It has a wide range of applications including fountains, aeration, water display, etc. It comes with a mounting stand. It can be used as an external pond, or you can submerge it deep in the water. It has a motor that operates quite soundlessly.


  • Soundless motor
  • Can tolerate all kinds of water 
  • Anti-corrosion body 
  • It can be used as an external or a submersible pond pump.
  • It can tolerate high temperatures.


  • Doesn’t last very long

A Few Quick Tips 

  1. Try to get a pump that doesn’t have oil in it as it can get leaked and poison the fishes and toxify the pond water. It will always keep you wondering.
  2. Get a high-quality filter even if you have to invest a little more, it is better than regretting and replacing it later on.
  3. Try to add some extra flair where you can in your water pump so it can also beautify.

In Conclusion…

Like any other thing you purchase, it is important to be properly equipped with the knowledge to know which pump suits you right. Deciding on little giant pond pumps is great but even they have a lot of options that confuse you.

Make sure you define things like the budget, feature, the size, etc. before you start looking for a pump. After you have done so make sure that you know all your options clearly and then decide the pond pump that fits your needs perfectly.

Understanding the pump with its features, all the great things that you will get and the cons that you will put up with help you make a well-informed decision.